Monday, May 14, 2012

hello, so this week was pretty cool! i got to texas and met my mission president president sagers. we went to his house and ate a delisious meal of brisket! brisket is the bom. ya so we had a little testimony meeting and then we went to a church and had the in-field orientation. it was pretty sweet! then we went to the ap's house and spent the night. we woke up and went back to the church for more orientation and then we got our companions. my companion is elder jones from cowley, wyoming. he is a great human being. he has taught me and is teaching me alot about the mission. he speak beautiful spanish. me and him are like a tornado going into trailer parks preaching the word. we tear it to peaces and then help them put it back together the right way. ya we are awesome. just saying. so the day i got my new companion we went "knocking" and met and got 1 new investigator names Raul! ya he is going to be baptized when the time is right. so we honestly have no support from members...well they feed us... but we have no missionary ward leaders so we knock alot. and it is very succesfull. hispanic people are very nice when they are not waisted. we met the ramos family and they are now reading the book of mormon. we also found this awsome dude named albert and he reads the BOM alot. so does anyone know what it is like to sit in a building for three hours staring at people who are speaking a foreign language. ya that was me at church, and ya they speak super duper fast and so i pretty much just sat there. well thats exactly what i did. ya well that was my week and it was sweet! i will tell you all about this week later!
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

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