Wednesday, May 30, 2012

dear everyone,
ITS HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok its hot. o well. it doesnt really matter. so this week we set 2 baptism dates. So i have been thinking about life alot lately. i have come to a conclusion that people do have agency and they are good at using this gift. sometimes i wanna pull a satan and make everyone do what they are suppost to do but o well. so this week we taught 9 lessons. so i have told my companion that this is unexceptible to only have 9 lessons. so we are going to bump them up. so i am so glad i am on a mission. i am so happy to be here helping people change there lives. well besides the unbearible heat and humitity i am ok and i love the mission. sorry i was a day late emailing, it was memorial day and we couldnt email. so have a good week everyone.

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