Monday, June 3, 2013

So elder newman and i are tearing it up. We have 10 people that are going to be baptized. I am very excited. Here are the people that are going to be baptized:
Marci  Brewer June 15, Progressing, Yes loc & wow. She is 80 years old. She is a very nice lady. She bore her testimony in church and she says she is coming back next week. She has alot of faith. I also have faith that she will make the correct choices and want to be baptized.
     Juan Hernandez June 22, Not progressing, Yes loc 7 & wow. He is 18. He has been reading the book of mormon and wants to go to church and be baptized. He has told us that he has received a witness that the book of mormon is true. The only problem is that he lives with his mom and she will not support him at all.
      Omar Carrillo June 22, Progressing, Yes wow & loc. He is 18 and he is a former investigator. He has been in mexico for a while. He called us sunday and he now has a baptismal date.
      Edward Oviedo June 22, Not progressing, Yes wow & loc. He is 41. He lives with his mom. He has a broken heal that has humbled him to repent and want to be baptized. He is progressing quite well. He has a warrant for his arrest because of not paying child support so we will see where that takes us.
      Miguel Estrada June 22, Not progressing, Yes wow & loc. He is 74 i think. He has read up to mosiah in 2 weeks. He has a baptism date for a week after his surgery that he is having
      Gierdmo Castillo June 22, Not progressing Yes Loc & wow. He is in his 40's. He is very excited to read the book of mormon with us every time we go over to teach his family. He is very supportive. He will be a very good member. He has alot of potential.
       Maria Castillo June 22, Not progressing, yes wow & loc. She is also in her 40's. She is the husband of gierdmo. She is very smart and she knows alot about repentance. She is excited for baptizm. She needs to go to church.
       Gierdmo Castillo Jr. June 22 not progressing, yes loc, no wow. He is 24. Ok. so jr is the reason for all of the excitement in the family. He said 30 seconds before we walked up the hill the their house that they were talking about baptism and how he wanted it. he will be baptized. It was a miracle that we found him.
      Idra Castillo June 22, Not progressing, yes wow & loc. She is 19. During the first 2 lessons she was very quiet. She opened up when we where teaching the Plan of Salvation. She wants to be baptized. Great person.
      Michelle Castillo June 22, Not progressing, yes loc & wow. She is 12. She does whatever her parents do. We are going to focus a few lessons on her so that she will be able to want to accept this gospel for herself.
Yup that is fort worth.
the first picture is when we helped members move out and landon (left) and cain wanted to play music for us.
the second picture is what tornado weather warnings look like.
the last picture is of me at the edge of my area on a bridge. fort worth is in the back.
wel wel wel thats all folks. by until next week.

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