Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well i do not have alot of time everyone. But We spent 5 hours clearing this tree off of our investigators house. ya i am a tree hauler so we got the 10 hour job done in 5. He tried paying us 150$ but we would not take it. I am so happy to be a missionary > we baptized Javier Franco. he was so excited. Well my new area... Fort worth north side. Is literally 99 percent hispanic. It is amazing> my spanish is going through the roof. With my wicked tan and my sick spanish everyone thinks my companion and i are hispanic. They never believe that bolillos can speak spanish as well as we do. We are rocking it. We are going to baptize three people in the upcoming weeks. Well i love all of yall .Take care and do do anything i wouldnt. That leaves your options wide open...

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