Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey Yall,
    Hey thanks for everyone that wrote me this week. I am very excited when I get mail. I will write yall back when I am done emailing yall. Just remember how fast I write back and use that as motivation to write me more letters. Try me, Ill write back.
   So this week was very eventful. We had alot of success in teaching lessons. We had 10 baptism dates two weeks ago and now we only have 1. Everything kinda fell apart, but that is because the lord wants us to learn something. I know I have learned alot this week about love, patience, humility and just how to be a missionary. This week went by a little slower than usual. I love the mission field. If there is anyone who is wondering if they should go on a mission, I say that you should go. You WILL learn so much that you can ONLY learn if you GO on a mission. I promise that you will never ever ever regret making the decision. But if you dont go when you thought you should have, You will always regret it. I will never regret going on a  mission. Just go people.
    We have had alot of everything as far as weather goes this week. We have had extreme 105 degree hear with 55% humidity, and rain and thunderstorms for a few days. I love the people in texas, love serving here. But texas, ya lame. No mountains. I only have 8 1/2 months left before I am home. I think that I am going to be flying into Salt Lake City. IDK for sure but ya.
   Ok yall keep it real and have fun, Go Out With The Missionaries! I will send pictures next week.

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