Monday, June 18, 2012

The weeks are blending together

So i had a dream last night that i was done with my mission. well i am going to work hard because its coming sooner than i expect. i am so just over excited to be here. i love the mission. i am so glad i have the opportunity to be here. so i love hearing from people by email and by letters. thank you so much everyone. the support from home really helps. so how is everyone? i am very curious if most of my family is alive. i can see how paden felt the first year and a half while i didnt write him. well besides all of the drama. whats new. is wyatt alive? haha of course he is. WRITE ME. i will write back. i have been lazy but i wrote 4 letters today. well things here in texas are sweet. i love it! the other day we counted how many ford mustangs we saw during the day. without passing by a dealership we saw and counted 126 mustangs. ya its the universal hispanic car. haha so we still have a baptism date for Jose Fuentez and he is sweet. he brings a friend with him to every lesson. we are teaching him and like 6 of his friends. we have this investigator named albert. you would have to meet him to tell what he is like. he is an awesome person. he feeds us carniasada everytime we go over there. Ya thats pretty much all of the week. so happy fathers day all you dads. i am glad that you loved Sister Serrato called you. she offered and i excepted. she speaks very good english. most of the hispanics do and they like to talk in english but i only talk to them is spanish :) so whats new with everyone? i wanna know. i will take some pictures this week. but holy crap i have gained alot of weight. i am 165 and i am getting taller. so ya. do not be supprized if i look a little chubby in the face. haha its not that bad!  well have fun everyone!

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