Monday, June 11, 2012

So this week was sweet. we set a baptism date. his name is jose fuentes. he is pretty sweet. well we had 10 lessons last week and 8 this week. but we are still just keep trucking right along. Dear every male in my family younger than 19 years old. if you do not go on a mission you will miss out on the most important thing in your life. i was a fool for even thinking that it wasnt for me. i have learned so much. even all of my girl cousins and olivia. a mission is sweet. there is nothing like the power of sister missionaries. it is amazing what a womens touch is like. well now that i am off my rampage.
So anyone who would like to do the Book of Mormon challage with me you can. i just finnished the book of mormon the second time on being on my mission. everyone i challage you to do the "mission President" challenge on page 114 in preach my gospel. you will learn so much about jesus and you will get a great knowledge and understanding. i did this challage in 7 weeks. so its not impossible. so my goal is to read it really well in three months. so anyone who wants to do it. i will be starting today and i will tell you when i am done. i promise each of you that you will learn and love the book of mormon. its easy. 6 pages a day.
well this week we had lots of fun. the spirit is so strong in the mission field. good luck to everyone with this next week and god bless.

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